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Need to grow your business but
don't know where to start?

Wish you had more time, more money
or better health?

Struggling to live a balanced life?

You can have a great business, relaxed, healthier lifestyle with time for yourself, family and things you love to do.

Let our twenty five years of business and life coaching experience be of service to you!

Our Business and Life Coaching can help!

Quantum Coaching's passionate mission is to coach you to build a more profitable business while helping you create the perfect work/life balance situation.

life coaching client"I hired Lisa to help me create a marketing plan to attract clients to my business. I got much more than I ever expected. Lisa has helped me create a marketing funnel, narrow down my niche and most of all, break through my fear which was stopping me from moving forward. Through Lisa's support and experience I am now well on my way to a creating a successful business."

Sara Mcnelis

The modern woman fulfils many roles, often causing her to be overwhelmed and stretched with her time and energy.

If this is you, it is our role at Quantum Coaching to support you to re-balance all aspects of your life because we know that:

Life balance = Life happiness!

Complete our Quantum Coaching Life Balance Wheel to help you see what areas are causing you stress and unhappiness. (CLICK HERE for PDF)

We are business and life coaches with a difference. We see you as every bit as important as your business and we understand your business is your baby! As certified Life Coaches, we also work a lot with busy women who are tired, stressed and overwhelmed with all they must get done in their personal and professional life.

How do we help? Not only will we create a plan for you to have more clients and increased profits we will also make sure you care for your own needs along the way!

Need a Life Coach?While people hire a Life Coach for many reasons. Our coaching clients could say "yes" to many of these questions. What about you? Do you feel you:

  • Juggle too many roles?
  • Need more clients or to increase your income?
  • Work too hard, work too much, work too often?
  • Suffer stress related issues, burnout and PMS?
  • Need to manage your time better?
  • Give too much of yourself with no time for yourself?
  • Suffer tiredness and loss of energy?
  • Need to lose weight and be healthier?
  • Don’t live the life you want and feel it’s about time you did?
  • Are tired of being “stuck in a rut”?
  • Don't spend enough time with your partner/family?
  • Are not balanced?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I know you would like to work with a Life Coach that will support you to:

  • Eliminate negative stress
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Have more time and energy
  • Build a profitable business
  • Balance work, family, and play
  • Lose weight
  • Enjoy your life
  • Set and reach all your goals by getting you into action!

Hi, I’m Lisa Branigan. I am a certified Life Coach and the owner of Quantum Coaching. I’ve coached many women and know that it is possible to have a life filled with more happiness and less stress. (Click here for Coach bio.)

Life Coaching resultsIf a more peaceful, healthier, relaxed life with time for yourself, family and things you love to do is what you want, then you’ve come to the right place and found the right Life Coach.

Do you have questions about Life Coaching or want to know the benefits of working with a Life Coach? Click here to find out.

Getting excited? Want to start as soon as possible? Fantastic! Here are some “FREE” and low cost life coaching offers to get you started now!

Want this to be your most successful year yet?

A year of success

Life coach in a book

“Create a Life Your Passionate About - A life makeover workbook!

This e-book will help you deeply examine your life to discover what motivates you, what makes you happy and what hinders you. You will also learn why and how goal setting works plus be guided to choose action steps to achieve your goals while you plan ways to avoid any obstacles. It’s like having your own Life Coach in a book! Only AUD$19.95

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“Lose Weight NOW! - Coach yourself slim

This life coaching e-book takes you through simple steps so you come to understand how weight loss goals work, the role of effective goal setting for weight loss, what to do it you’re addicted to food and how to overcome obstacles to weight loss while remaining motivated.

This is not a diet, nor will you be told what to eat and when. Instead, you will set the goal of the weight you wish to lose and look at ways to lose that weight in line with you and your lifestyle using specially designed weight loss coaching tools. Purchase the Lose Weight NOW! life coaching e-book and start coaching yourself slim today! Only AUD$19.95

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Life coaching e-book

Free Coaching information

Download my "FREE" life coaching information booklet with "FREE" coaching tools. Please click here.

Visit my blog for business tool on free and low cost ways to market your business and how to better understand your clients. Click here to visit my blog

For more immediate results I recommend regular telephone life coaching sessions that help you specifically identify your goals, plan weekly action steps and ways to overcome obstacles while being totally supported by a life coach that cares about what YOU want.

As life coaching requires a good working partnership between the coach and client, your first 30-minute introductory phone coaching session is "FREE" to ensure we can form such a relationship.


And here’s more fantastic free Life Coaching tools!

Avail yourself of the “FREE” life coaching resource you may of heard me mention this month on ABC radio plus the “FREE” articles I’ve had published in Magazines, Ezines and Newspapers.


Whatever your needs Quantum Coaching
can work with you to achieve all your desired

life coaching client"Lisa was my very first coach, and none since can measure up to her professionalism, calm, and gentle tenacity. She was always relaxed, encouraging, and attentive, and asked the right questions at the right times. She challenged me to do things I never thought I'd succeed in. All this comes with the guarantee that "I understand you and your needs as a professional woman, but I'll make sure you take care of yourself AND succeed at the same time." Thanks Lisa!"

Bethany Vedder

Life coaching provides you with non-judgmental, unconditional support and accountability to the commitments you make.

life coaching clientWhen I first started my Life Coaching with Lisa I felt my life had no direction. I was going through the motions of life without any clear goal or purpose. From our first session together I started to get excited about all the possibilities that were out there. Over the 3 months we worked together I learnt more about myself than I had ever imagined. I loved the homework tasks Lisa set and even though sometimes I had to "step out of my comfort zone" I really enjoyed each challenge. With her support I was able to find out who I was and what I wanted. Thankyou Lisa for encouraging me to improve the things about myself that I wasn't happy with!

Josie Adams
Brisbane, Australia


Thanks for visiting my site and if I can help you in any way please just let me know (contact Lisa Branigan). All the best and please bookmark this site as you will want to return.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Branigan

P.S. Keep reading to see what the media has to say about Life Coaching!

What the Media say about Life Coaching!

I saw a life coach who turned my life around - she taught me what anxiety was, where it came from and how to control it.

The Daily Telegraph~ Failure to face demons drove me to the edge, May 9th 2013

� she has sought professional help and has employed a confidence and life coach who she's been seeing once a week to help her regain who she once was.

Cover Media~ Katie Holmes seeing confidence coach after split from Tom Cruise, August 8th 2012

Make a plan �Set a start date, develop a strategy and write a list of points to help you reach your goal,� advises Life Coach Lisa Branigan

Marie Clare~ Career Ladder Mantras, Life Coach Lisa Branigan, February 2012

All work and no play is making Jill as dull as dishwater and leaving her with a procession of health issues. Living + Lifestyle interview Life Coach, Lisa Branigan on how to tip the scales back in your favour.

Living + Lifestyle~ Balancing Act, Life Coach Lisa Branigan, Vol 1, No. 2, 2012

Number one tip for being a success in business/life; �Work to live, don�t live for work!� says Margaret River, Life Coach, Lisa Branigan

Augusta-Margaret River Mail~ Give Your Business a Boost, Life Coach Lisa Branigan, July 14th 2010

Any task, no matter how daunting it seems, can be accomplished if you break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Life Coach Lisa Branigan

Good Health~ My Health Rules, Life Coach Lisa Branigan, April 2010

...Whether it's a personal trainer at the gym or a life coach, you're accountable and committed each week to having to go back and tell them how you did... you need to do whatever it takes to break an old habit and start a new one.

Slimming & Health, Life Coach Lisa Branigan, February 2008

Quantum Coaching, life coach, Lisa Branigan said people needed to set goals to avoid becoming stuck in a rut. People often stayed stuck in a rut because they were reluctant to make changes outside their comfort zone

The West Australian Newspaper, Mind & Body, 26th June 2007

Quantum Coaching Life Coach Lisa Branigan said adversity, or feeling “stuck” in life, career, issues, often led people to bring in a life coach.

The West Australian Newspaper, Mind & Body, 29th May 2007

In most cases stress is a result of letting life get out of balance. This happens when we put all our energy into only one or two areas of our life (usually work) and ignore the rest... there are steps you can take to restore balance to your life. If you discover you can't make the changes on your own, get support from a . . . life coach who specialises in stress issues.

Australian Natural Health, Life Coach Lisa Branigan, Winter 2005

Springs here: so it's put with the old and in with the new. But if a fresh approach to life is something you crave but you're unsure where to start, it could be time to call in the "life coaches."

Perth Woman, Spring 2004

. . . a life coach is suppose to give you a nudge in the right direction and make sure you don't stray to far from your goals.

Dynamic Coaching, Feb/March 2004

One reason life coaching is growing in popularity is because people are tired of saying life's good... More than 50,000 life coaches have been trained worldwide... Life coaching is action-oriented and about moving forward..

The Forum, June 20, 2005

The skills required by a life coach involve a dexterous combination of commitment and common sense, and unlike opinionated relatives, complacent colleagues and jaded friends, a life coach has only one vested interest - to see people access their unique potential and realise long-held dreams.

Nature & Health, August/September, 1999

Life-Coaching is having a dedicated mentor, it's getting knowledgeable support and encouragement and new way of looking at things when need it.

Executive Female

Basically, life coaching is designed to help people struggling through a murky phase find clarity and pursue their goals – Hillary Clinton and Madonna are among its high-profile advocates.

It looks at every aspect of your life, from finances to health, and plucks out your strengths, the areas you want to change and how to move forward.

The Advertiser (South Australian), Maria Moscaritolo, 5 January, 2005

Life coaches are being hired in Victorian schools to help overworked principals.

The State Government is providing "high-performing" principals with coaching in a bid to improve leadership skills, prevent burn-out and balance work and personal lives.

The Age (Australian), Farrah Tomazin - State Political Reporter
January 12, 2005

Life coaching has been one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and Australia is not far behind.

Providing support and guidance has become a professional service.

"It is filling that gap where people are now spread out across the world and don't have access to family, extended family or mentors," Ms Green said.

Mother of two Juliet Scrine found herself wanting even more out of life after juggling a successful marketing business and a separate full time job.

"I guess life is getting a bit hectic," Ms Scrine said. "I like to take on more than I can chew and I was starting to get bogged down."

With Ms Green's help they found ways for Ms Scrine to manage her life and find time to develop her dream of running a theatre company.

Ms Scrine believes that women put a lot of pressure on themselves.

"You've got to be superwoman, you want to be the best mother, the best cook, the best hostess, the best person at work, the best dressed the most beautiful - all of those things." Ms Scrine said.

"I'm all for help - I need help!"

Today Tonight (Australia), 'Get a life coach'
REPORTER: Sophie Hull
BROADCAST DATE: January 14, 2005
Full Story:

The airborne pillow fights for well-heeled customers are getting fierce.

Virgin Atlantic Airways, for instance, is spending $130 million to revamp Upper Class, including personal suites with an ottoman for guests and a leather armchair that flips over to make what it describes as "the longest fully flat bed in the world with a proper mattress for sleeping."

Last month Virgin installed a handful of double suites for couples traveling together and began offering free, 30-minute "life coaching" sessions before takeoffs from London's Heathrow airport. For years, the airline has offered limo service.

Los Angeles Times,, 21 November, 2004

Television life coach Rhonda Britten says that fear is the only thing holding people back from all the success and happiness life has to offer.

Britten, a life coach on the second season of NBC's popular daytime reality show, "Starting Over," helps the show's cast of six women overcome issues from obesity to broken relationships to learning how to be a single mother.

"This show is like no other show in the history of television," said Britten, who was visiting her sister, Linda Snively, in Stafford County last week. "We are changing lives on television."

The Free Lance-Star, 3 December, 2004

Life-coaching focuses on the pragmatic side of putting structures, strategies and support mechanisms into place… such as setting realistic goals and expectations or keeping a daily planner to stay focused and organized.

Greeley Tribune, Millete Birhanemaskel,, 22 September, 2004

Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term.

The Ivy Business Journal, September-October 2000 issue

The coaching process proved simple, straightforward and astonishingly effective.

Vive, Summer 1999/2000

Coaching can certainly help you strengthen your sense of self-worth, focus on your goals — and get there, fast.

The London Daily Telegraph, 22 March, 1999

Unlike a professional consultant, the coach is usually not an expert in the client's field. Tax advisers, marital counselors, organizational con-sultants, physical fitness trainers, psychologists or dietitians are experts in the field in which they advise their clients.

"The coach is not an expert in content. He is an expert in creating an environment in which the client feels untrammeled by all kinds of inter-ference and other considerations, an environment in which the focus is on what's important for the client. It's a well-organized, safe environment in which the client feels that he can create growth and ideas for change from within him," Shilon notes.

Haaretz International,, Danit Nitzan,
9 September, 2004

Striving to get the best out of life - to fulfil the dreams you've let fall by the wayside - is not only natural, it's achievable. The hard part is finding the motivation to overcome your stalling. Everyone's dreams are different, but… you'd be amazed how far you can get with a practical plan and some help.

More and more people are turning to life coaches to achieve their goals ... Whether life coaching is for you or not, the underlying principle of setting positive goals within a fixed time scale has been proven to unleash impressive results. There's no hidden secret to the process, but… "you have to be willing to make a shift".

Sunday Telegraph 'Body & Soul' (Australian) - 21 March, 2004

Life Coaching began in the USA and is a growing trend in Australia. Combining techniques drawn from business, psychology, personal development and sport, it aims to help get you through the game of life.

For Me magazine, June 2001

Got a nagging feeling that your life could be more fulfilling? Want to change direction but aren't sure how to do it? Here's how to jump start your new life today…Hire a personal coach.

Modern Maturity, January-February 2000

How do you define success? That's not a trick question, and there are no wrong answers. For some, obviously, success means money. Others rate emotional happiness as being more important. Yet others rate popularity above all else. Regardless of how you define success, an emerging specialty called 'success coaching' (also known as personal and professional coaching) offers the chance to visualize your highest goals
and stay on track to achieve them.

Central New York Business Journal, 25 May, 1998

Before dismissing [life coaching] as mere self-help psychobabble, think again. As a $100 million business second only to the IT industry in its US growth rate, life coaching is the latest must-have lifestyle and business accessory - the solution to both workplace under-achievement and premature stress burnout.

Life Coaching is one of today's fastest growing industries - there are now thousands of life coaches in the US and the industry has already caught on here.

Nine to Five magazine, July 2001

In the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year, personal coaching was ranked as the second fastest growth industry in the US, after Information Technology.

Harpers Bazaar, September 1999

Four years ago, no-one had heard of life coaches. Now you find them talked about in magazines, at dinner parties and in the HR departments of major corporations. "People are recognising that there are pockets of advice that make your life happier and more successful," says Rock. "They are willing to pay for the help they need."

New Woman, July 1999

For years, business people have used corporate coaches to help their companies work more effectively. Now, an increasing number of individuals are turning to coaches for help in finding balance in their personal lives.”

The Spokane Spokesman Review, 15 December, 1998

Coaching started in the business world to help stressed executives cope with their professional and personal lives, and it still thrives in the corporate environment. But individuals are increasingly turning to coaching for help with all sorts of challenges.

Kim Palmer, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune, 26 May, 1998

I first heard about personal coaches five years ago — at the same time personal fitness coaches were beginning to flex their muscles. The two fields are related: coaches in both areas help you achieve your potential… Personal coaches provide powerful professional insights. My personal advice: Get one.

Chicago Tribune, 17 June, 1998

Today's managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs are hiring coaches to help them with time management, a change in career, or balancing their work and personal lives.

People are looking to coaches as sounding boards and motivators who can offer a fresh perspective on career and life problems — but without the conflicting agendas of a spouse, family member, or even a mentor.

Fortune, 28 September, 1998

The number of executives hiring personal coaches is rocketing as more and more professionals turn to outside help for advice in how to manage their day, dollars, employees, develop better leadership skills and maximize effectiveness.

London Evening Standard, 11 June, 1999

If you're thinking of overhauling your career to achieve a more fulfilling life, consider joining the estimated 100,000 Americans who annually enlist the help of some 4,000 personal coaches each year.

Money, December 1997

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“I chose to work with Lisa, as my business coach, as I wanted to start my own business to work from home. I realised to be successful in business it takes thirty percent mechanical input but seventy percent physiological effort. Lisa helps you to think differently and use different approaches to grow your business. Through homework exercises Lisa has encourage me to do, I have been able to identify my niche and to work out a marketing plan to promote my business. Working with Lisa helps me have physiological support and most of all she helps me have the confidence to truly believe in myself. Now my business is established I still talk and email Lisa to keep her updated with my business growth and progress. It�s been inspirational to have Lisa as my coach.”



“Within a few weeks I had achieved a goal that I had been struggling with for years. Without Lisa’s help it would still be just a dream. Thanks Lisa for what you’ve helped me achieve.”

Dalvic Enterprise


"Lisa helps me to find the right questions to ask myself so I get the answers I'm looking for. Her supportive approach has been highly valuable and helped me get my business going in the direction I want it to go."

Narelle Codalonga



“After setting goals and identifying my most important values, Lisa’s coaching helped me be gentler with myself while working to achieve my goals. I discovered how important it is for me to handle obstacles in a playful way. Lisa gave me the positive feedback I needed. “

Tracy Eaton
Creative Balance Kinesiology



"Your sessions kept me focused and enabled me to break my goals down to specific things that I could tackle outside the coaching sessions and see results from. You show a great deal of compassion in your coaching and I felt our relationship was very genuine, honest and equal."

Sarah Dixon



"Although hesitant at first in employing a life coach it was a fantastic and life changing experience. I have never felt such clarity in the direction of my career planning. Lisa is patient, actively listens and really gets you to hit the nail on the head. My confidence in my ability as a woman on the career path has never been at its highest."

Thank you from Sharmain


"I really enjoyed coaching with Lisa … well worth the investment. Lisa is easy to talk to, reliable, accessible and a really effective life coach... She challenges you in a supportive way to do more than you thought you could, and she has a knack for reflecting your thought processes back to you in a way that gives you new insight. This is enormously helpful long after the coaching sessions end!"









































































































































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